Event Cakes
Those special event cakes will give you a light and delicate taste bite after bite. For either a wedding or a birthday, a party or simply a treat, create your own cake by choosing your theme and characters.
100 Birthday 3648


manon project 026

Classic: Fruits des bois with Macarron

100 Birthday 3646

Classic: Sugar Frame

autre  24


Autres 2436


autre  26

Classic: Etages

manon project 021


Premieres semaines Elann  2141

Classic: Fire Truck

Autres 2451



Classic: Swimming Pool

autre  27


Kina piscine 33


autre  29


Anniversary 1178

Piece Monte: Heart

autre  28

Piece Monte: Pyramid

business plan 4

Piece Monte: Church

Babyshower Elann 1207

Piece Monte: Bascket

pieces montees 2

Piece Monte: Boat

Special cakes 1114

Piece Monte: Tower

autre  25

Piece Monte: Bascket

Special cakes 1121

Piece Monte: Castle

manon project 017

Piece Monte: Macarron

100 Birthday 3653

Rolling Fondant:

Epicerie 3597

Rolling Fondant:

100 Birthday 3654

Rolling Fondant:

Epicerie 3611

Rolling Fondant:

Manon Pastry Bakery Bistro 15

Rolling Fondant:

Manon Pastry Bakery Bistro 4

Rolling Fondant: Rose Cascade

Patisserie manon 047

Rolling Fondant:

Patisserie manon 051

Rolling Fondant:

Wedding cake 3015

Rolling Fondant:

Wedding cake 3035

Rolling Fondant:

pieces montees 28

Rolling Fondant: Pool

pieces montees 32

Rolling Fondant: Fire Truck